Key attributes
Similar to the soil element
Cool and calm appearance
Ideal and perfectionist
Clever and clever
Responsible and conscientious
Low follower
Be careful
Hesitant and hesitant
Smart managers but full of mistakes

This blood type evolved a little later than the O blood type, that is, when humans were farming and forming a community instead of hunting. The members of this group are the survivors of the past farms. This group has the highest frequency among the population after blood group O.
Blood type A corresponds to the nature of soda in traditional medicine and is equivalent to the element of soil. These people are regular, sensitive and shrewd.
People with blood type A are introverted, responsible, meticulous, and sensitive to detail. While they are very sensitive, they can also solve good problems.
If blood type is individual A, he is an accurate and regular individual. These people love harmony and transparent situations, and they follow the law more than any other blood type. Such a person is constantly thinking about getting things in order, and even dressing him always looks tidy. However, a person is inflexible and problematic. He has no skills in saving money and financial progress.
People with blood type A are often introverted and shy, shy and shy in dealing with others, and are a little harder to deal with than others. However, they tend to cooperate and work in groups and enjoy coordination. They are emotional and polite, value relationships and are loyal to others. They care about the opinions of others, and if their hearts are broken, it will be difficult to heal.
They are depressed, very pessimistic about the future, and want to divide things into black and white. They are skeptical of change. They love nature and are away from the crowds. They need a safe place or shelter. They are generally hesitant and reckless, and are anxious, self-conscious, cautious, pessimistic, and very sensitive. They are ready to participate in teamwork, especially when they are given an order.
People with this blood type can live well in large, populous communities and get along with them. These people are subject to the law, orderly and decent. They respect others and leave a good memory in the minds of others.
They are orderly, conscientious, honest, trustworthy, obedient to the rule of law, and free from violence. They attach great importance to social rules and standards. They are very responsible and always draw a line between work and fun. They have great endurance and patience to do physical and competitive work. They believe that religious and moral issues can be perfected.
In addition, the members of this group cannot be suitable candidates for jobs that require careful management. While people with blood type O have this capacity and competence. Of course, this does not mean that these people cannot take direct responsibility for the work, but that the work that requires special care is difficult for the members of this group to do, and that each of them may be mistaken.
If you are one of the owners of this blood type, be happy. Because these people are strangely restrained, and if they get angry with you, they won’t do anything. These people are conscientious, and even if the lawlessness escalates, they will not shirk their responsibilities.
People with blood type A are sensitive to perfectionism, but are overly anxious. They are perfectionist and always like to be in pre-determined and regular situations. While they look calm and cool, they are very restless on the inside due to their high standards and idealism. They can easily show off their calm appearance, even if they are angry. They often hide their anxiety when communicating with others. They hold their emotions until they explode. Many of them are tense, impatient and unable to sleep well. They prefer to use hobbies that reduce their nervous tension.
These people are smart and sensitive and are able to fight well with the events around them and make good decisions in sensitive situations, but when their excitement and sadness go too far, they explode.
Those who belong to this blood type are very selfless and we can introduce them as the most honest people in the world. Blood type A owners are the most compassionate people in the world
Law-enforcement activities, such as advocacy and policing, are more appropriate for them than anything else, because they are law-abiding, pay close attention to detail, and enjoy archiving and maintaining documents. Many people with blood type A are involved in research and development. They are also qualified for accounting, economic, financial, computer and engineering affairs.
When they are capable of managerial and leadership positions, they may not accept it because stress is not good for their nervous system.
Although members of this blood type are intelligent and powerful leaders, they also make many mistakes. Some of the most famous people in Blood Type A who made big mistakes in critical situations include some US presidents, such as Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon in the Watergate and Carter in the attack on Iran in the Tabas Desert. But another example of an angry and misguided person in Group A was Adolf Hitler, an authoritarian and bloodthirsty man who caused the greatest tragedy in Germany.
They are all great political leaders in the world who have made a name for themselves in history because of their authority, but they have not been able to win the support of the people to the end and have recorded catastrophes or crises in history.

People in this blood type are at risk for stress, and the best way to treat stress is to use yoga. In general, light exercise is recommended for people in this group. Stress-reducing exercises such as yoga, golf or swimming and light walking reduce their internal stress.
People with blood type A need less activity and mobility than blood type O, because excessive exercise can cause physical and mental fatigue. For them, just 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day, such as yoga, tai chi, or light walking outdoors, is great. These people are better off doing gentle exercises that use both their body and their brain.

One of the important properties of this blood type is that they are vegetarians. These people benefit a lot from eating fruits and vegetables, because the members of this group are the survivors of the past farms. So people with blood type A need less protein but more grains. They thrive on a plant-based diet.
Low gastric acid secretion is common in these people, even from birth. Therefore, they need special care when eating animal proteins. They should use digestive medications and fermented foods and beverages.
This group should basically eat fruits and vegetables (high carbon, low fat) and limit the consumption of dairy products, animal fats and meat. They are completely free to eat dried nuts, grains, cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables, but they should avoid dairy products, especially if they are allergic and also eat a lot of meat. It absorbs and tolerates animal proteins such as beef, mutton and the like. If the same person uses plant proteins such as beans, lentils, soy and mung bean, he will get excellent and good conditions.
The use of vegetables, rice, fruits, beans, soy and grains in people with blood type A causes them to lose weight.

These people have thicker blood and a more sensitive immune system than other groups and are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
People with blood type A have a very sensitive digestive system. Their stomach acid secretions are very low, so they are more prone to stomach cancer than other groups.
High stress weakens the immunity of people with blood type A faster than other blood types. Delays in treating stress in this group of people can lead to heart disease and cancer.

The best traits

The worst traits

Famous people with blood type A
George W. Bush Sr.
Britney Spears
Adolf Hitler
Lindon Be Johnson
Richard Nixon
Rick James

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