Key attributes
Similar to the fire element
Free from care
No need for attention
Leading intellectually
Without perseverance
Quick change of mood
Kind-hearted and kind
Amin and Rurast
Religious managers

This blood type may not have been found for more than a thousand years, and only 2 to 5 percent of the world’s population has this blood type.
The AB blood group corresponds to the nature of bile in traditional medicine and is equivalent to the element of fire. It is a little difficult to recognize them because their moral character is a combination of other blood types.
This group is also called the general recipient group because it can receive blood from all 3 blood groups, but can only donate blood to its blood type. The body of AB blood group owners is very compatible with the modern world. One of the properties of this group is that the properties of blood group A and blood group B are combined.
Because this blood type has aspects of blood type A and blood type B, it has the sensitivities of blood type A and the organizational capabilities of blood type B.
People with blood type AB have a contradictory mood and cannot be easily recognized. They are a mixture of contradictions, shy in front of some, fearless and arrogant with others, extroverted and introverted, sometimes very calm and cool. They are ostentatious, but at the same time mysterious and unpredictable. They are able to find problems and circumvent them. They get tired easily. They can be social and confident or shy. They can appear harmonious in social activities. They are not interested in building a relationship and do not make much effort to do so.
This small population group can be considered the most educated population group. They love science and are rational, sensitive and calm people. These people are very calm and self-controlled. But be careful not to take advantage of this feature and do not put too much burden on them. People with blood type AB can soothe riots. They can criticize others with their humorous spirit and bring the crowd to life with their laughter. These people are creative and have a good brain for business and getting along with people. They are good traders.
They are romantic and emotional and very active. They are very good at analyzing issues. They are very fair in criticizing different topics. They can’t make quick decisions when necessary. They have to work hard and be patient. These people do not easily forgive anyone, sometimes they get angry and do not like forgiveness. They are very sensitive about the past. Their moods change very quickly. They are cold-blooded, but they soon become anxious about dealing with unexpected issues. They can do several things at once and are very interested in art. They are not very responsible and too many responsibilities cause them problems.
People are conservative, they have a high level of understanding. Self-sufficient and independent, they are interested in reading, sports, and quiet. They are interested in spirituality. Although blood type A owners are punctual, ABs are also second in chronology.
A person with AB blood type can progress very quickly if they persevere. They are intellectually leading. Balancing their activities helps them achieve real power. They are rational, calculating, honest and straightforward. They are reliable and have a strong desire to be popular. These people are good artists. They are also good accountants and are more interested in this field than other jobs. Such people are suitable for managing, judging, representing, hiring, and employing both. Many of them also have the necessary characteristics to be teachers and teaching.
If you are dealing with someone from this blood type, you should know that they are not thinking about the past or the future. For him, the present and the near future are a priority and he lives in time with all his being. It is not easy to get to know someone from this blood type, because he is neither a family member nor a conservative to let you know his mood.
Sometimes it is difficult to have blood type AB. People with this blood type are not interested in being in the context of others. If they feel overwhelmed, they will break the boundaries and act accordingly.
The people of this group, because of their good intentions and good heart, always want the good of the people and invite everyone to peace and tranquility. Many therapists and energy therapists have this blood type.
There is real love in the people of this blood type. They are kind, cheerful and calm people. There is a great desire to advise and guide people in them, and many of them do everything they can to help others.
Gypsies are the main owners of this blood type, and their amazing emotional sensitivity can be a sign that they are members of this group. But among the ABs, we also see religious leaders. The Buddha, San Francisco, and Mahatma Gandhi, for example, have all been members of this blood type, and their extraordinary calmness indicates their belonging to this group. It is said that Christ also had the blood type AB.

Soothing exercises and gentle movements are useful for them. In terms of physical activity, it is recommended that the group have a combination of relaxation activities such as yoga, as well as slightly more active workouts such as aerobics or light jumping.

People with blood type AB can have a combination of diet for both blood type A and blood type B.
People in this group have the least desire to eat meat. These people should have a more vegetarian diet and only consume a small amount of fish, meat (not chicken) and dairy products in rare cases. They go well with vegetarian, dairy and seafood.
Eating too much meat is not good for this group and should be avoided. They should always include vegetables in their diet. The best foods for AB blood group are fish, vegetables, carbohydrates and grains, their bodies are more in tune with white meat than anything else.
Eating white meat with vegetables is better than red meat. There is no harm in eating bread except that it is fattening.
In their food choices, they need to find out when they look like blood type A and when they look like blood type B. For example, dairy may be too good or too bad for them.

The body’s immune system is somewhat weak and does not show much resistance to germs and viruses. This means that if there are a lot of locks and straps for germs and pathogens in the body of people with blood type O, there is not a single lock in the blood type AB for the entry of germs.
Their digestive system is relatively weaker than that of blood type O, and they cannot easily digest animal proteins because their stomach acid levels are reduced and they do not secrete as much enzyme as they need. However, the consumption of red meat and modern foods, such as fast food, is high.
Like blood type A, people with blood type AB respond poorly to stress. They are stronger, stronger, and more active than people with blood type A, but they need to pay attention to their stress levels so that their immune system is not compromised.

The best traits
cold blooded

The worst traits

Celebrities with blood type AB
San Francisco
Mahatma Gandhi
Barack Obama
John F. Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe
Thomas Edison
Jackie Chan
Ken Kitamura

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