Sanguine: Warm and Wet

Nature: Warm and humid
Element: Air
spring season
Time of day and night: morning
Category: Craftsmen
Taste: sweet
Red color
Metal: tin
Age of onset: childhood – up to 20 years

Key attributes
good heart
Good morning
Good manners
Be patient
Have fun
Good talk
Ready to answer
Everyone likes it
Has poetic talent
never mind
easy going
Uncontrollable when angry
Susceptible to late but dangerous anger
Variety seeker
Disinterested in repetitive tasks
Hands and heart open
With high confidence

Physical features
Note: The appearance of each person depends a lot on the initial temperament that has grown during puberty or during physical changes. Primary genes are passed from gene to parent through genes and are formed under the influence of the mother’s environmental conditions, the mother’s physical and mental condition, and the foods that the mother eats during pregnancy and lactation. These initial temperaments may change over time as a result of nutrition, weather conditions, lifestyle, job type, and other factors, and a new temperament may be created in the individual, called acquired temperament. This acquired temperament affects a person’s appearance, although it may not have much effect on some of the physical characteristics formed by a person’s initial temperaments, such as bone or eye color.

Body: People are large and stocky demos and have muscular and muscular bodies. They are quadrangular, have a broad chest and muscular limbs. They are solid, have a relative talent for obesity, and they cannot be slim and slim. They are medium to tall and have shorter limbs than biliary and melanoma. They have large arms, legs and limbs, and the palms of their hands are fleshy. If they gain weight, their lower torso (thighs and buttocks) usually become obese.

Skin: They have red and white or green and rosy skin. Their skin is warm, moist and soft with large pores. People are bloody and have too much blood in their bodies, which is why their faces are easily flushed. In some cases, especially during times of high stress, round and red acne strikes, more often on the scalp and chest than on the face.

Hair: They are usually full of hair. Thick, thick, curly or curly hair. Hair color varies, black, tan, dark or light. Hair growth is fast. Their hair does not have much hair loss and does not have premature whitening, but like all hot tempers, they have the ability to lose hair and baldness, especially in the heat and aging, which usually occurs in the middle of the head. There is a lot of body hair and especially in the shoulders and chest, the hair is thick and black and coarse. They also have a lot of hair on the lower back and legs.

Nails: Red under their nails.
Sweating: They have large pores, which are signs of sweating. They are warm, sweat profusely and have a warm sweat. They are flammable and coiled.

Blood vessels: The body’s arteries, especially in the back of the hands, neck, legs, and sometimes the forehead, are clear and prominent.
Pulse: They have a full, wide, strong, fast and soft pulse.
Eye: The white color of the eye tends to be red and the vessels of the eye are distinct. Eye color is usually dark or black. The condition of the eye is normal in terms of puffiness or dimples under the eyes.
Mouth: The taste of their mouth is especially sweet in the early morning. Their mouths are watery, their saliva is high and elastic, and they are less thirsty.

Tongue: The color of the red tongue is bold.
Nose: Nasal discharge is normal.
Physical strength: They are strong and energetic and have high physical strength.

Body movements: Their body movements are agile, relatively fast and lively. But their speed of action does not reach the bile ducts. On the contrary, they are more resilient than biliaries, and like them, they do not slow down or get tired quickly.

Talk: Speak relatively quickly. They have a strong, firm voice.
Coverage: In the spring and summer, they usually dress less than others and in the fall and winter.

Other: They have a large nose and chin.

Sleep: Dominance of the tail causes heaviness in the head and drowsiness. People are good sleep demos. They fall asleep early, have a good, deep sleep, and tolerate insomnia if their humidity is balanced. But if their humidity rises, they get a lot of heavy sleep and uncontrollable. That’s why it’s so common to be bored, especially in the spring. They have a heavy morning sleep. Yawning, squatting and pulling your arms around are some of their habits. In the dream, they see red and bloody dreams.

Digestive: They have a great appetite and good food, they have a high digestibility and they do not have bloating and usually constipation. The color of their urine tends to be red. They like to eat meat, sweets and pickles. They taste almost everything and eat all kinds of food. If their body moisture increases, they eat more sweets, and if their body moisture decreases, they are more likely to seek pickles. If a demo person does not use cold foods and snacks with hot foods such as sweets, he will suffer from itching, pimples and bruises on his shoulders and chest.

Sexual desire: They have a lot of sexual desire and power, abundant and continuous.

Climate: These people do not tolerate high temperatures or high temperatures, but in general it is easier for them to tolerate the cold and the cold and cold environments are more favorable for them. In the spring, when the tail is longer, they are annoyed, and autumn is the ideal season for them.

Personality characteristics

There are people with high social relationships, so they get in touch with others very quickly and make jokes and jokes in public. We know these people as “warm-blooded.”
Demos are balanced and popular. They have balanced intelligence, balanced ethics and, if they follow, a healthy body. They are talented in art, poetry, literature, sports and medicine.
They are very sociable, witty, talkative and funny, and they make others happy. They are good-natured, good-natured and kind, and they love nature. Hands and hearts are open and extravagant.
Demo people are calmer than gallstones. They are not resentful, they are patient and they get angry late, but you should be careful not to take advantage of their calmness and patience, because when they are angry, they find it difficult to calm down and may have risky behaviors. People with dementia are those who have so-called blood clots in their eyes when they are angry and may do dangerous things or even kill in an accident.
They are smart and have a relatively good memory, but especially if they increase body moisture, they do not understand the new content well and forget it quickly.
They love the profession, they are interested in literature, poetry and music, and they have a good talent in it, but they should be careful that this interest and talent does not cause their deviant tendencies.
They are strong, energetic, warm, active and at the same time calm. They have high self-confidence and are resilient. He is ambitious, brave and courageous, and usually leads the group.
Demos are less likely to cause bone and joint damage when exercising. They have endurance sports like mountaineering.
People are optimistic, carefree, comfortable, innumerable and bookless. They are not organized and do not have a specific order. They want variety and are not interested in doing repetitive tasks. They do not reflect the current situation and seek change. This, along with high intelligence and courage to take risks, makes them creative, inventive and exploratory people.
They are spiritual and have mystical tendencies, but if they turn to immoral issues, they will become great swindlers or first-class dictators.

Diseases caused by being excessively Sanguine
Note: If someone has a hot and dry temperament, hot and cold, cold and dry or cold and wet, it does not mean that they have a disease caused by bile, tail, soda or phlegm. What causes the disease is an overgrowth of phlegm, bile, soda or phlegm.
Red face and tongue
eye redness
Increased sleep
Stretching of saliva in the mouth
Hot flashes
Heavy head and temples
Searching for jumping veins
Headache in front of the forehead
The heaviness of the outer corners of the eyes
Heaviness on the chest
Feeling suffocated
Slow mind
Weakness and laziness of the limbs
Gum bleeding
Redness and thickening of the urine
Empty feet
runny nose
Spring allergies
Skeletal pain
Oral plague
Occurrence of dermal and skin rashes
Itching and tingling of the skin
Itching at the site of cupping and previous swelling
Burning of the urinary tract
Anal bleeding
Increased redness in the body
The veins are full of color
heart beat
blood pressure
Increased blood concentration
Cardiovascular disease
Blood diseases
High cholesterol
Fever without infection
Inflammation of the spleen and genitals
Head and brain inflammation
heart attack

Suggestions for Sanguine temperaments
Dementia is usually caused by an increase in temperature and humidity, and a general increase in blood pressure. Therefore, they should avoid air, environment, activities and mental states that increase heat and humidity, especially humid weather.
People with dementia are more likely to have a stroke and should eat more cold, dry, low-calorie foods and avoid hot, wet foods. If you eat hot foods such as sweets, use cold foods and snacks with them.
Don’t have too much worry, anger and excitement. The best way to deal with anger is to eat cool foods.
Avoid overeating, because overeating and overeating increase blood flow.
Keep warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
Eating meat is not good for mood swings, because it increases the body’s blood flow.
Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and seafood and eat high-fiber foods to meet your natural mood.
Observe the dawn. 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night is enough. Do not sleep more than 8 hours. In the summer, half an hour of rest or nap after a meal is good for them, but other than that, eliminate sleep during the day.
It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to walk or run in the morning. Moderate exercise is essential for demos. Swimming and mountaineering in cool weather are also good options. Of course, it should be remembered that too much activity and strenuous exercise is not good for them.
Cupping is very useful for lowering the blood concentration of these people. It is better to do this 2 to 3 times a year in spring and summer (late June). Blood donation is also good once a year.
Dominating the tail increases blood pressure and increases the risk of stroke. Most strokes are in the spring, as the tail dominates this season. It is best for demos to travel to cold, dry areas in the spring.
Demos should avoid loneliness. Loneliness drives demons crazy!
Conventional sexual discharge is essential for them.
If the tail goes to bile, the person becomes restless, and if the tail goes to my phlegm, the person becomes overeating and sleepy.
Nowadays, when most foods are cold or dry, if a person is in a moderate mood, he is very lucky and should be careful not to be overwhelmed by another acquired temperament and not allow today’s foods to take away his good temper.

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