Key attributes
Similar to the water element
without restrictions
Rule of Law
Creative, innovative and innovative
easy going
With strong perseverance and determination
Single and independent
The straightforwardness of Al-Hajja
Love the focus

This blood type evolved at a time when humans were traveling more and more, resulting in the migration of humans to the northern and cold regions, making life more difficult.
Blood type B corresponds to the nature of phlegm in traditional medicine and is equivalent to the element of water. They are flexible and adaptable and have low sensitivity.
No other blood type is as moderate as B. If your blood type is B, you should know that you are generally stronger and healthier and you are very realistic and pragmatic.
Blood type O and blood type A seem to be in two opposite directions, while blood type B does not oppose any of these groups and can immediately change its attitude and adapt to the conditions of time and place. . This does not mean that they do not keep in mind, but rather that they can adapt to any change and avoid problems. In some respects, these people are similar in blood type O, but in certain circumstances they are able to separate their way and be independent of this, and choose another path for themselves. In other words, these people have gradually developed the ability to choose the best way for themselves.
People with blood type B are independent and tend to maintain balance. They think like people with blood type A and are ambitious like people with blood type O blood type. They are empathetic and easily understand the views of others. However, they are often reluctant to challenge or confront others. They are as flexible as the chameleon and can be good friends.
The population of this blood type is not large, but we can place them in the category of the most interesting people on earth.
These people are very outspoken and like to get to the point quickly. They don’t have much to do with complex social structures, and they don’t have much in common with rituals and ceremonies. They don’t pay much attention to the rules, and although this is one of their negative traits, it always puts them at the forefront of creativity and innovation and the creation of new ways and customs. They are not afraid to express new ideas. They are unconditional and flexible. These people are smart, but you can never control them and get them organized. They do not easily take orders from others and are interested in having their own way. They are usually the best people on the team. Self-sufficient, creative and innovative, they often do things their own way and can’t draw a line between work and fun. These people are not very interested in a lifelong job and are easy to reach at the height of their arrogance.
Targeted people with a strong, energetic and serious mind are on the way to achieving the goal. They are very persistent and do not get tired and bored for a long time. They start and continue to do something, until it is completed, while completing it well. People are monotonous and independent and find their way in life. They are very interested in scientific issues and discoveries. They are no secret and cannot be kept secret. These people deserve journalism and writing, art and intellectual work, and can host a TV show, a golf course or a good hairdresser.
Blood type B people are wonderful cooks and they care too much about their stomachs. They are not interested in glamor and find life easier than others and do not like competitive jobs. They are not afraid to be criticized. They forget work and can easily forget past memories. Such people can easily and with their words fascinate you and invite you to an adventurous love. But don’t forget that they can easily become unfaithful, and sometimes people become lazy and even capricious.
People are optimistic, active, kind, noisy and at the same time selfish and selfish. They have adventurous and brave characters. They are social beings and interested in hospitality. They are interested in maintaining relationships and they are trying to do so themselves.
The members of this group have a remarkable balance and coordination of body actions, and there is a special harmony between their body and soul. They seek peace and have good mental stability. One of the properties of blood type B is to have a regular and calm life. People with blood type B are cheerful and cheerful, but with unusual behaviors that tend to be individualistic and selfish.
It is interesting to know that 30 to 40% of the world’s millionaires and rich people and many managers and people at high levels have blood type B.
Members of this blood type have a large share in sports that require a lot of focus. They can also be creative Hani commanders in war, and people like Napoleon Bonaparte, Marshall Rommel, and Julius Caesar have all been members of this blood type.

Because moderation plays a key role in this group, a combination of stress-reducing exercises such as yoga, as well as aerobic exercise such as swimming and aerobics, is appropriate for them. Exercise is not as vital to them as blood type O, but moderate exercise helps them relieve stress as well as increase concentration. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in the morning, plus exercise such as swimming, yoga, bodybuilding, tai chi or walking, is recommended regularly. They are usually prone to obesity.
Members of this blood type have a large share in sports that require a lot of focus. Many of the world’s most successful golfers have blood type B.

Since blood type B evolved when humans traveled more, and therefore meat, vegetables, and grains were consumed in a more balanced way, their diets are fortunately extensive and extensive. For these people, a healthy diet is a combination of blood type O and blood type A. This means that they can eat less than anything else, and this group is generally more fortunate, because they can lose weight more easily.
These people should have a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seafood, dairy products and meat, and should avoid eating processed foods. Fish and dairy products are more compatible with them than others. Many of these groups tend to have fingernails and crumbs.

People with blood type B use intrinsic resistance to stress using intrinsic creativity and proper environmental recognition.
These people are able to resist many common diseases, the most important of which are heart disease and cancer. However, the immune system of this group is weak and sensitive to some diseases such as M.S or chronic fatigue.
In these people, the different energies that exist in their body are in harmony and parallel to each other, and for this reason, these people are more resistant to diseases and get sick less than other groups.
People with blood type B can live longer, even if they have heart disease and cancer.

The best traits
Love animals

The worst traits

Famous people with blood type B

Napoleon Bonaparte
Marshall Rommel
Julius Caesar
Akira Kurosawa
Jack Nicholson
Luciano Pavarotti
Mia Farrow
Paul McCartney
Leonardo Di Caprio
Young Vince

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