About persian traditional medicine

Iranian medicine is one of the medical schools in the world with a history of ten thousand years, which, unlike the traditional label whose suffix is ​​named, like other sciences, is completely in accordance with scientific and experimental principles. In the Iranian School of Medicine, maintaining good health takes precedence over treatment, and the correct…

Iranian-Islamic traditional medicine a route to healthier life

While today medical approaches applied in hospitals and used by doctors are conventionally acceptable for the treatment of diseases alternative therapies are getting more popular among the public regarding the side effects of drugs and invasive surgeries. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy most often practiced by licensed practitioners have become widely…

Traditional medicine and temperament classification of individuals

Perhaps the most important part in understanding traditional Iranian medicine, as well as Islamic medicine, is temperament. Be sure to read the following to know the importance of this topic.The School of Traditional Medicine of Iran is a science mixed with art and frost and a reserve derived from the wisdom of Khosravani, a native…

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