Hi, this is Mossy from Melbourne

I have been trying to be healthy and energetic and for as long as I can remember. Having a healthy lifestyle is a passion of mine, so I constantly read about it and try different ways. There are infinite amount of information on the internet and everyone is trying to sell you the perfect diet or the secret to weight-loss or superfoods that will make you feel amazing and live longer. I have tried all of them and I can tell you that they all work and they all don’t work. I learnt this the hard way but everything depends on you and what your body type is. You may be surprised but a diet that is very healthy for one can be very unhealthy for another.

I started to question everything after I watched and read a lot about plant based diets. I was so sure based on all the information I had read that plant based diets were the most healthy. I also had friends who were vegetarian and vegan and were really fit and strong. It was a no brainer, plant based must be the best.

So I became a vegan. Starting day two I could already feel my body wasn’t functioning well. I thought maybe I’m not getting enough protein. So that night I made the most healthy vegan protein based meal. Lots of beans and tofu and greens and quinoa only to feel even worse afterwards. This continued for a few days. Then I did some research and found out the only vitamin that you can’t get from plants is B12 and that’s what vegans need to take so I took B12 pills but still didn’t feel better.

It got to a point where I couldn’t continue and was craving for a burger. So I gave up and went and had a burger. I immediately felt better. I knew there and then that no matter what anyone says my body needs meat. My body thrives on red meat. If everyone on the planet said meat is not good for you I wasn’t going to care. I know myself. And this is where the name of this site was inspired from.

I want to everyone to know themselves. What their body needs. And I know for as many people there is on the planet there are different types. Everyone needs to have a diet that suits them and that would be different to others.

The concept of being different is not only for food.

I am very ambitious and read a lot of inspirational quotes and follow a lot of really successful people on social media. It is a common notion that if you want to make it you have to work hard and put in the effort. That’s all good. But a lot of people say that top CEOs and other executives only sleep 5 hours a day and they wake up really early in the morning.

Again like veganism this is something I thought I should do to get more done in a day. I woke up really early for a few days only to realise the whole day my brain wasn’t working properly. It was like my brain power was at 50% capacity and no amount of coffee could help. It was there and then again that I realised my body needs 8 hours of sleep and I’m not the same as those people.

I was living my life after that doing more of what feels better without really knowing why. Randomly one day I was talking to my mom on the phone and I mentioned to her that I’m feeling lethargic. She asked me what I had ate. I said chicken with rice and yoghurt, then she said that’s why. I was like what? What does that have anything to do with it?

She has been studying traditional Persian medicine. She told me about the concept of temperaments and food. Basically she diagnosed that I’m cold temperament, also chicken, rice and yoghurt are all cold temperaments so this makes your body very cold (not temperature, temperament) and that makes you feel light headed. She advised me to eat certain food and avoid certain others.

I followed and I felt much better. Then I started to research about this. I found that the concept of temperaments is also in traditional Greek and Chinese medicines. This is a very old and widely used method of increasing health and wellbeing in many cultures.

I researched more about it and everything I discovered was spot on! I was so shocked. It was like I had suddenly solved the mystery of my body. I am a Phlem temperament. Which means cold and wet.

Ever since I’ve been following the recommendations of traditional Persian medicine I feel so much better. I also noticed a lot of things start to make sense now. For example now I know why certain food always makes me feel bad. For example cucumber, it is also cold and wet temperament. You’re not suppose to eat what foods that have the same temperament as your body, because it takes you to an excessive state of that temperament. You are meant to have the opposite temperament foods. For example I need to have grapes instead.

So there it is the story of why I started this website.

This information has been absolutely priceless to me and I want more people in the world to learn about it.

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