Currently the approach to physical/mental health, fitness and wellbeing is mostly general. However people are very different, so the approach to health should be personalised.

As there shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and wellbeing, this site will provide you with all the resources you need for an individualistic plan for your health.

According to Iranian-Islamic traditional medicine, everybody has a distinctive Mizaj which is determinant to construct all physical or mental characteristics.

I have researched this topic a lot. All traditional medicines are very much similar and all of them are very useful. Persian, Chinese, Arab, Greek etc. This website is focused on traditional Persian medicine which is my favourite.

Generally traditional medicines are mostly focused on prevention of disease and overall health and wellbeing. Whereas modern western medicine is focused on cure. If you think about it, modern western medicine is all about money and business. Prevention of disease and a healthy society doesn’t make money. So they have no interest in preventing people from getting sick.

Large pharmaceutical companies in 1800s started to heavily influence the curriculum of medicine in universities to give themselves long term safety that their products will always sell. Universities are every year pumping out doctors who know no better than what they were taught. They were taught to prescribe pharmaceuticals. They were taught to cure. They were taught what to do when it’s too late.

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle based on traditional medicine you will never get to a point to need to go on medication. Also for mild problems such as an uneasy stomach or a headache, traditional medicine can provide you with excellent medicinal herbs to help you. It’s only when your issue is severe that you would need chemical drugs. Even then I would try to avoid it as much as possible as they are quite toxic.

I do want to acknowledge the benefits of western medicine as well. Any sort of orthopaedic surgery procedure is amazing. Without western medicine it would not have been possible. When they put you to seep fix up your broken bones after a car accident is nothing short of an incredible advancement in technology which brings a lot of value to us.

My problem is predominantly with pharmaceuticals and big Pharma companies. They’re business model thrives on people taking their chemical drugs for any reason. This is very unhealthy and dangerous.

Let’s be fit and healthy based on the wisdom of thousands of years traditional medicine without putting any toxins in our bodies. Let’s know ourselves and our bodies. Let’s eat based on our body types. Let’s avoid pharmaceuticals.

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