Choleric: Warm and Dry

Biliary bile is a condition in which bile sputum is more prevalent in the body than in other mixtures.

Nature: hot and dry
Element: Fire
summer season
Day and night time: noon
Category: Perfectionists
Metal Lead
Age of onset: youth – from 20 to 40 years

Key attributes
Ready to answer
I took the lead
Hurry up
bad tempered
Excuse me
Get out of the oven early
Has a talent for violence
Low tolerance
It has a very good memory
It has a masculine spirit
Quick decision maker
With perseverance
With will
Bound by principles
Single face
the manager

Physical features
Note: The appearance of each person depends a lot on the initial temperament that has grown during puberty or during physical changes. Primary genes are passed from gene to parent through genes and are formed under the influence of the mother’s environmental conditions, the mother’s physical and mental condition, and the foods that the mother eats during pregnancy and lactation. These initial temperaments may change over time as a result of nutrition, weather conditions, lifestyle, job type, and other factors, and a new temperament may be created in the individual, called acquired temperament. This acquired temperament affects a person’s appearance, although it may not have much effect on some of the physical characteristics formed by a person’s initial temperaments, such as bone or eye color.

Body: Dry temperament causes weight loss and heat builds muscle in the body. So the lean gallbladder is muscular and strong. They are tall and have four shoulders, large bones and prominent joints. They are not bony, but they are not obese and are not prone to obesity. They have wide chests, narrow waists, wide wrists and dry limbs. He had a narrow leg, but if it were otherwise, it could be a sign of phlegm accumulation. Bile burns body fat. Due to this fat burning, the bile is thin and so-called they do not get fat. However, if you gain weight, you will gain weight from the upper body (arm, chest and abdomen).

Skin: Their skin color is wheatish and yellow, which tends to be turbid at high temperatures. They have warm, dry and rough skin without moisture and with large and open pores. They have very little subcutaneous fat. They have warm hands and there is a lot of itching and warmth in these people. Their lips are dry and the skin on the soles of the feet is dry and scaly. They have pimples on their bodies. Acne mainly affects the forehead, face and cheeks, as opposed to the temperament of the gums, which can be seen on the scalp and chest. If the bile increases more, we will see acne in the lower extremities. Their facial features are visible.
Hair: Their hair is dry, thick, non-smooth and sometimes curly, and due to the high heat and dryness, they are prone to baldness and in some cases baldness. Baldness or hair loss occurs at a young age. However, hair growth is high and hair does not turn white quickly. Hair color is black or tan. They also have eyebrow hair loss. Their body hair is usually not large and looks like a demo of temperaments on the chest, shoulders, lower back and legs, but their body hair is less scattered than demos. Their hair usually gets greasy very quickly, and some people say that their hair gets greasy as soon as they come out of the bathroom. This is because bile burns body fat and, like fire and heat moving upwards, directs it to the upper part of the body, and then expels it through the scalp.
Nails: Nails are so dry that they are brittle.
Sweating: Their pores are large and open and they sweat a lot, especially during the hot seasons and during physical activity. Sweating is most common in the groin, armpits, under the neck, and sometimes behind the ears. Their palms and feet also sweat. Bile sputum causes a sharp or bitter odor of sweat.
Veins: Their blood vessels are prominent, large, and clear, which, of course, are quickly hidden in the cold.
Pulse: They have a full, strong, fast and firm pulse and it is easy to pump their heart.
Eyes: They have narrow, elongated (almond) eyes. The whites of the eyes are yellow and turbid in heat, and the arteries of the eyes are clear. Increased bile causes yellowing of the white of the eye. Their eyes fall out due to the loss of moisture. They have a wide range of vision, because bile keeps the small vessels that feed the eyes open.
Mouth: Feeling very thirsty and thirsty and dry mouth. Early morning taste is bitter.
Tongue: The tongue is dry and rough and turns yellow.
Nose: Their nose is large and elongated and eagle-shaped. Their nasal secretions are very low.

Ear: Dryness causes hearing loss, so they have a high hearing power, but they suffer from tinnitus or wheezing.
Physical strength: They are very energetic, have a lot of physical strength and get sick late.

Body movements: Their body movements are very fast, light and lively.

Speech: Speak fast, fast, continuous and speak loudly.

Coverage: They are warm in all seasons and wear less than others.

Other: The lungs are large and easy to breathe. The cartilage of the larynx is prominent and clear.

Sleep: Bile is less sleepy. They fall asleep late and their sleep is bad, short, light, cut and accompanied by confusion. Also in the dream world, they feel inflammation and heat or sunlight, and in their dreams they see yellow dreams and violent and horrible nightmares of falling from heights, war and strife, lightning, fire and fire, war and strife and the like.
Gastrointestinal: Bile is anorexia, high digestive power, usually no bloating and constipation. Their urine is often colorful. They often tend to eat cold foods such as cucumbers and lettuce, and pickles such as lavashka and vinegar tend to be less prone to hot and sweet foods. Increases fatty and sweet foods in bile. They are very interested in ice water and ice. Hot foods have a severe negative effect on them, and they may even have problems eating small amounts of these foods, including anger, headaches, itching, pimples, and rashes. They may be allergic to a little pepper.

Sexual desire: High sexual desire and sexual ability vary.

Climate: They are hot and can’t stand the summer. The best season for them is winter. Under the right gear they are very hot. They love a cool shower and can’t stay in the bathroom for long, and they feel homesick and bored in the bathroom. They enjoy the cool air.

Personality characteristics
Bile people are extroverted and have strong social relationships. They are talkative, straightforward, and present. If bile overwhelms someone, it becomes pointy and talkative. They are meticulous and precise, and they do everything.
They are bound by principles and believe in planning. They are efficient, serious, stable, managerial and regular, and have a lot of perseverance.
They have a high memory and learning power. They are smart, shrewd and smart people. They are good at math, physics and engineering and can be good inventors. They are interested in poetry and literature.
People are lively, energetic, hurried and restless. They are very active and fast and agile in their work, but they get tired quickly and easily. Sometimes an increase in bile causes the person to make a jerky movement and then relax. Bile bile has sharp and sharp behaviors, and shows high speed of action in all actions and behaviors. These people have a high speed even when speaking, and they speak constantly and sharply.
They are adventurous and courageous, they have a lot of courage and they take the lead in things. Jobs that require leadership and courage and agility are suitable for these people, such as the commander of the war.
They make decisions sooner and sooner. Where there is a need for quick decisions and immediate action, these people are right. The British separate their bile ducts and select them for military command, because they decide quickly and act quickly. They work hard and don’t even think about what’s going on.
They are interested in violent sports such as boxing and karate. Swimming in the summer is good for them and they have a high speed in swimming competitions.
The gallbladder is irritable, gets angry quickly, gets out of the oven, and calms down quickly, and usually regrets being angry. An increase in bile leads to more anger. People around them should not retaliate when they are in hot, angry or troubled weather, and it is better to be a little more considerate so that their anger subsides.
People are excuses, bored or bored. One-sided, selfish and stubborn. They are prone to violence, bad temper, and aggression, which can sometimes annoy others.
They are sensitive, forward-thinking and sometimes imaginative. Sometimes they are generous, sometimes they are in love and sometimes they are independent, sometimes they are interested in literature and sometimes they are interested in mathematics, sometimes they are willing and sometimes they are weak, sometimes they are energetic and sometimes they are less energetic. They have a spiritual talent on a cross-cutting basis.
Gallbladder growth is higher in summer and in younger years.
Interestingly, despite being angry, the bile ducts are less prone to heart attacks and strokes and blockage of the arteries, because the bile is a spicy and irritating sputum that opens the path of the arteries. They don’t bleed easily, except when it’s cold or humid. Diabetes is also less common in the bile, because bile prevents the deposition of substances and obstruction in various organs, especially the extremities.

Choleric diseases
Note: If someone has a hot and dry temperament, hot and cold, cold and dry or cold and wet, it does not mean that they have a disease caused by bile, tail, soda or phlegm. What causes the disease is an overgrowth of phlegm, bile, soda or phlegm.
Bitterness of the mouth
Yellow eyes and face
Tooth yellowing
Pregnancy and yellowing of the tongue
Oral plague
Severe weight loss
hair loss
Acne and skin acne
Hot sole
Insomnia or insomnia
Too much thirst
Dry mouth and nose
Eye sockets
Skin rash
Biting the limbs
Skin allergy
Anxiety, anxiety and restlessness
Intellectual tension
Dimples under the eyes
Eyelid protrusion
Dry joints
Cork in the head
Black eyes go
Ear and temporal pain
Tinnitus and wheezing
Feeling tingling and tingling in the skin
Side pain
Dry cough
Bile vomiting
heart beat
premature ejaculation
Two-person disorder
Red blisters
Burning of the urethra
Digestive reflux
High cholesterol
Fatty Liver

Suggestions for Choleric
Avoid hot and dry foods, especially in hot seasons. Consumption of hot foods increases their body temperature and increases their body temperature. This food is converted to bile in the liver, and an increase in bile leads to more anger.
Eat foods and beverages that are cold, especially cold and wet, especially in the summer.
Drink enough water. Drink water with a few drops of sour lemon juice.
Eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Eat less meat.
Avoid overeating and binge eating.
At least 7-6 hours of sleep a night is recommended. Avoid insomnia and sleep deprivation (less than 5 hours) and going to bed late. On summer days, an hour’s nap after lunch provides enough moisture to their body, although there should be at least an hour between lunch and bedtime.
Avoid the excitement and anger that increase bile. Anger, emotional excitement and excessive talking put pressure on bile people. Throw a little distance between business hours and office meetings.
Prevent adverse events such as fear and anxiety.
If they get a headache, the pleasant smells of the air and eating the hot ones will make their headaches worse. Rubbing a little vinegar on the forehead will relieve the headache.
Drinking cold water when they are angry is good for them and calms them down. It is also useful to use cold syrup or cold watermelon or wash your face with cold water to reduce their anger.
Don’t forget to get enough rest when under stress. In these cases, take a deep breath and use relaxing mental exercises. It is better to wash your hands and feet with cold water and lie down for a while.
Use fresh and cool air.
It is better to travel to cold and humid areas in summers.
Perform physical activity and exercise in cool weather early in the morning or in the evening. Excessive activity and strenuous exercise increase heat and dryness and are not beneficial to them. Mild exercise such as walking is recommended. In the summer, sports such as swimming are good for them and make them feel good.
Avoid exposure to the sun or in hot weather during the day and hot places such as hot baths and saunas.
Moisturize your nose every 12 hours with a little sweet almond oil or violet oil.
In the summer, use cold water (not cold) to wash the body, because cold water actually increases the body’s internal heat by closing the skin pores. In other seasons, lukewarm water is appropriate.
Gallbladders are often tempered by cupping, and their complexion will be much brighter than before, and their appetite will increase, and they will become fat and fat if they repeat cupping. However, it should be noted that bile is a sputum that, if left unchecked, increases rapidly and repeatedly, and due to the low blood volume circulating in these people, excessive repetition of cupping will also be harmful to them. Therefore, in the intervals between cupping, they should observe proper dietary measures. Cupping two to three times in the spring is good for them.

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