Melancholic: Cold and Dry

Melancholy people are said to have soda sputum in their body that is more prevalent than other mixtures.

Key attributes
Physical features
Personality characteristics
Diseases caused by soda dominance
Suggestions for mood swings
And above
Nature: Cold and dry
Element: Soil
Day and night time: evening
Category: Protectors
Taste: sour
black color
Planet: Mars
Age of onset: middle age – from 40 to 60 years

Key attributes
meticulous, with accuracy
Observance of rules and regulations
Little feeling
Be careful
Risk aversion
not sociable
Low company
Disgusted by the noise
Low tolerance
Low energy
not sure
Has mathematical and technical intelligence
Has a restless mind
Weaving philosophy
Day dreamer

Physical features
Note: The appearance of each person depends a lot on the initial temperament that has grown during puberty or during physical changes. Primary genes are passed from gene to parent through genes and are formed under the influence of the mother’s environmental conditions, the mother’s physical and mental condition, and the foods that the mother eats during pregnancy and lactation. These initial temperaments may change over time as a result of nutrition, weather conditions, lifestyle, job type, and other factors, and a new temperament may be created in the individual, called acquired temperament. This acquired temperament affects a person’s appearance, although it may not have much effect on some of the physical characteristics formed by a person’s initial temperaments, such as bone or eye color.

Body: Dry temperament causes people to lose weight. Melancholy people are usually thin, although some may be obese. They have slim and slender limbs, weak, non-muscular and delicate bones. Soda causes bones to stretch because bone tissue is soda. Therefore, the body of Sudavis with thin and elongated bones shows the area of ​​fingers, forearms and other areas. They have a dry and stressed body. They have thin chests and small muscles. If they gain weight, they become obese from the trunk (waist and abdomen).

Skin: Their skin color is dark green or buckwheat or grayish white. The skin of the body is cold, firm and dry, without moisture and freshness, and has medium pores. Their palms and soles are cold, and dark spots are common on their skin.

Hair: The hair on the head is relatively thick, dry, thick or curly, and the hair color is usually black and dull. If his soda is towards phlegm, his hair will turn white and buckwheat, and if his soda is towards bile, there will be hair loss all over his head and they will not have regional baldness. They are common. Their bodies are hairy and have dark, thick hair.

Nails: They have brittle nails.
Sweating: Their skin has medium pores and they usually sweat less. Nervous stress increases their sweating.

Veins: Their blood is thick. The veins in their hands are not hidden, but they are thin, dark, and bulging.
Pulse: Their pulse is relatively slow and empty, weak, sluggish, narrow, but stiff. Heart arrhythmias are common.

Eyes: The eyes are usually small and colored and brown. The whites of their eyes are dark and opaque, and the arteries are not clear. The predominance of soda dulls the whiteness of the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes are common.

Mouth: Their mouth is dry and dehydrated. The taste in their mouths is especially salty on an empty stomach in the morning.

Tongue: Their tongue is dry and dark pink.

Nose: They have a dry nose and strong dinner.

Ear: Dryness causes hearing loss, so melancholy has sharp ears. They do not tolerate noise and at high ages whistling is very common in them.

Physical strength: They are low in strength and low in energy.

Body movements: The speed of their movements is low to medium.

Talk: Calm down and talk carefully. Their voices are not loud and relatively quiet.

Coverage: In the fall and winter seasons, they usually wear more clothes than in the spring and summer.

Other: The cartilage of the larynx is prominent and clear. Cramps in the muscles in the back of the legs and cramps in the throat are other symptoms of melancholy. Their fat and blood pressure usually do not rise or rise slightly.

Sleep: Sleeping people are low and light (rabbit sleep). They fall asleep late and wake up with the slightest sound. Turbulent, scary and dark nightmares, black and dark, are among the problems of these people and they see ruined dreams, cemeteries and precipices.

Digestion: Soda is responsible for stimulating the appetite. They have a lot of false appetite, that is, they get hungry very quickly, but they also get full very quickly. For this reason, their food is scarce, but they are petty. They have very little ability to digest food, they have a lot of bloating and heartburn is common. Their urine and feces are dark and constipated. They tend to be salty, sweet and warm, they don’t tend to be cold like pickles.

Sexual desire: They have relatively a lot of arousal and sexual desire, but their sexual power is low and they often have premature ejaculation. Their desire for loving behavior is greater than sexual intercourse.
Climate: Dry seasons increase the dry and rainy weather, especially the cold and dry soda. Autumn is an unfavorable season for them. Soda affects their temperament in the fall, especially in the middle-aged and elderly, and is more common in the fall. They are more inclined to warm weather and are more comfortable in the spring.

Climate: Dry seasons increase the dry and rainy weather, especially the cold and dry soda. Autumn is an unfavorable season for them. Soda affects their temperament in the fall, especially in the middle-aged and elderly, and is more common in the fall. They are more inclined to warm weather and are more comfortable in the spring.

Personality characteristics

They are often quiet, isolated, and introverted, and tend to be lonely, isolated, and socially dry, and less joking. They hate noise.
Melancholy traders are precise, orderly, far-sighted and calculating people. They are people of law, arithmetic and books, and they believe in planning in everything. They are interested in arithmetic and technical and planning issues, and they pay a lot of attention to detail, which is good for doing things that require a lot of scrutiny, care, and attention, and successful people are successful in such jobs. Such as watchmaking, appliance repair, writing, eye surgery and sensitive jobs that require little energy. They are good at describing and interpreting issues and are good storytellers. They have a talent for commentary, historiography and journalism. In offices and employee environments, they are overwhelmed by soda and usually follow each other. They are good interrogators, and there are a lot of politicians among them.
People are less emotional and less spiritual. They look curious and all-round and consider all aspects of decisions. They are so meticulous and immersed in detail that they ignore the generalities. They are interested in delicate and artistic works. They are moderate, cautious, a little cowardly, and risk-averse. Trustees are good and do not betray.
They are bored and lack energy and have little tolerance. They get tired quickly and have little capacity, so they are sometimes active and sometimes off. They are a little hasty, they make quick decisions and their speed is high, but they have low endurance. Sometimes the melancholy of speed is due to their boredom that they want to do things quickly.
They are very skeptical, hesitant, and obsessive in making decisions, and they are constantly changing their minds. But after making a decision, they are very consistent, steadfast, stubborn and consistent in their decisions. They are persistent and persistent in their work and insist on doing it to the end.
They are very thoughtful and instead of working, they are fed up with their fantasies and dreams. They are people of philosophy and fantasy. Most Sufi philosophers have been temperamental. Soda people have great thoughts and aspirations that they can achieve if they keep their temperament moderate.
The temperament of temperament cannot be trusted enough by others. They are not easily attracted to anyone and it is not easy to be friends or get along with them. They are not lovers, and even when they are loved, they are suspicious and look for negative points behind the scenes of kindness. However, in family life, they are not divorced and continue to live together. They control their anger well, but they are vindictive and vindictive and have long-term anger.
They are sensitive and quick-tempered, quick-tempered, and annoyed by their appearance. They are expectant and always dissatisfied and they are criticized and criticized. Pessimistic, negative and negative. They are anxious, restless and frustrated, and they are sad and selfish and prone to depression.
If soda goes to the bile, the person becomes more resilient, less sleepy, faster, more talkative, and quicker to get things done. It also magnifies the issues and makes the mountain straw and gives a lot of explanations. If a greedy person moves towards my phlegm, he becomes quieter, more isolated, more sleepy and reluctant to leave the world, and leaves his work unfinished. The two are called hot soda and cold soda.
If the dominance of soda increases, it causes pessimism, obsession, sadness and grief, bad thoughts and sad fantasies and suicidal thoughts are formed in them and they suffer from psychological problems. Care should be taken not to let this temperament get out of moderation.
Chronic and persistent diseases increase soda in the body.

Diseases caused by soda dominance
Note: If someone has a hot and dry temperament, hot and cold, cold and dry or cold and wet, it does not mean that they have a disease caused by bile, tail, soda or phlegm. What causes the disease is an overgrowth of phlegm, bile, soda or phlegm.

Suggestions for excessive Melancholy
Today’s living conditions and food have increased the number of people with melancholy. Urban and apartment living increases air pollution, overworking computers and cell phones, and watching soda TV. Consumption of many fast foods and ready meals with preservatives as well as alcohol also increases soda. If melancholy people moderate their mood, they will become useful, successful, and famous. But if soda dominates their body, they will have problems in their daily lives.

Eat warmer foods, especially during the cold seasons.
Avoid eating all foods and beverages that are cold, especially cold and dry, and if necessary, use a very small amount with hot foods. Avoid frozen, canned, leftover, stale, and salty foods that increase soda.
Get enough water, fluids, and drinks such as carrot juice and apple juice.
Use sorrel syrup, which in addition to providing proper moisture, also eliminates constipation in these people, because constipation also exacerbates their nervous and mental problems.
Protect your skin in dry weather and lubricate your skin with olive oil or sesame oil.
Moisturize your nose with a little sweet almond oil.
It is good for them to drink lukewarm boiled water when they are angry, and it calms them down.
Avoid depression, sadness, loneliness, precise thinking, and excessive worry because they increase soda. Expand their social relationships and socialize more with others.
Laughter destroys soda. Have enough fun and entertainment, watch comedy and comedy movies and programs, and avoid watching tragic and sad programs and movies.
Avoid using too much computer and mobile and watching too much TV (non-comedy programs).
Avoid inactivity because it eliminates instinctual body heat and colds. Mild exercise such as walking is good for them. Walk for 10 to 15 minutes during the day.
Avoid traffic and polluted air as much as possible.
Bathing with lukewarm water and massaging the body with appropriate oils is helpful.
Avoid cold, dry air and air conditioners.
Avoid obsessions and cleaning as much as possible, especially because constant contact with water increases coldness.
Short trips are especially recommended for hot and humid areas. Bandar Abbas and the cities on the southern coast temper their temperaments in autumn and winter.
Explore nature. Sightseeing in nature is rewarding and invigorating.
Avoid insomnia and sleep deprivation and sleep at least 6-7 hours. There is nothing wrong with taking a nap for half an hour after lunch, but it is more harmful for them to sleep during the day.
Eating rose water before going to bed or sprinkling some rose water on the pillow is very helpful for relieving sleep problems in sleepy people and preventing them from having nightmares.
Autumn is the season of soda and the best season for cupping people is autumn.

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