Key attributes
Similar to the air element
Brave and courageous
Joe competition
Ambitious and ambitious
With high confidence
Has a strong immune system
Inherent leader
Powerful managers or destructive mafias

The members of this group were the first human beings to enter this world. Humans have been cavemen who in their time lived by hunting animals and using their flesh and skin. This blood type is the most common blood type in the world. People with blood type O are public donors because other blood types are derived from it. So everyone can receive it.
In terms of traditional medicine, blood group O corresponds to the nature of the tail and is equivalent to the element of air. Inherent positivism, courage, leadership qualities, aggressive spirit, energetic and capable, patient, self-reliant are their characteristics.
These people believe in themselves and attach great importance to themselves. This is because group O is the oldest blood type in the world, and the ancestors of this group have become accustomed to hunting, attacking animals and resisting problems, and this habit has been passed on to the next members of this group. People in this group carry a gene in their body that gives them the strength to endure suffering, confidence, courage, and optimism.
In terms of psychological and personality traits, they are social and healthy people. They are talkative, more jealous and ambitious than others, but they are good politicians, ministers and athletes. They are active, ambitious and thoughtful, but they are capricious, stubborn, impudent and stubborn.
These people are extroverted, very warm-hearted, sociable and social with a brilliant personality. They are not shy and express their inner thoughts and feelings frankly. They can be well adapted to events and crises. Words and phrases come to them easily. They are interested in maintaining relationships and they are trying to do so themselves.
They are honest, optimistic and energetic and have high self-esteem. They become friends easily and keep up with the flow and seize opportunities. They are a clear idea to start a project or hunt. They perform well in organized activities. They can easily skip the details and in some cases are not very accurate. They show a lot of strong emotions. They may quickly express their deep opposition to an opinion, but usually this opposition is not sustainable. Traditional job openers are motivating and a little bragging.
They are purposeful people. They know exactly what they are trying to achieve and have good strength and endurance to achieve the goal. Of course, their risk-taking also accompanies them in this direction, and because they have a good understanding of the social hierarchy, after a while in a situation, they can attract the positive opinion of others. They take the lead in doing things, although they don’t always finish what they start. If they realize in the middle of the road that what they are doing is in vain, they will leave it very easily. They think positively about the past, so they don’t regret the past. They care about material things. They love to be the center of attention, they often like to lead, and they usually have good concentration.
They tend to be one-sided or to lead others and are interested in managerial jobs. People are intuitive, focused, self-reliant and brave. People with blood type O are more able to control stress than other blood types. Their bodies have a strong immune system and are highly developed for physical activity.
People in this group, whether in sports or in their business, are always at the forefront, because people love competition and can act as a good and powerful leader in any group.
Of course, people with this blood type do not have good crisis management and instead prefer to escape from chaotic situations. It is true that they love power, but this feature can make people members of this group greedy.
If you research, you’ll see that many of the world’s current politicians are in the O blood type. And they are good examples of the authority of the people in this blood type. Of course, their authority is not always guided in the right direction, and history has shown that the most prominent members of the major mafia groups are also the owners of the O blood type. One of the most famous of these is the world-famous Al Capone Gangster, and the scent of George, the star of the deconstructive rock music, is another of them, which became a scandal after becoming famous for its high drug use.
Former US President Ronald Reagan has the same blood type and is therefore tough on decisions and in managing decisive affairs. Mikhail Gorbachev, the fearless leader of the Soviet Union, also had the same blood type.
Other world celebrities include Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince Charles, the Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, who have blood type O, and if you look at the life history of the kings of recent centuries in England, you will see that most of them had blood clotting problems.

A person with blood type O is inherently an athlete. Exercise, especially regular and semi-heavy exercise, is very helpful for people with blood type O. Heavy exercise expands the mind and comfort of the group. In addition, this type of exercise prevents them from gaining weight and helps their mental balance and comfortable sleep. If this group of people neglect to exercise, they will face problems such as reluctance to work, fatigue and exhaustion, and if they remain in this condition, they will easily suffer from joint and muscular diseases, and they will be at risk. It also threatens obesity and shortness of breath.
They should be relatively active for an hour a day, preferably in the morning instead of in the evening. For these people, mountaineering, swimming, running and heavy cycling are recommended. Exercising hard for about an hour a day makes them feel better.

People with blood type O actually have the oldest blood type in terms of human developmental history, so a person with this blood type will feel better if they follow the diet of a hunter like the early human ancestors. Their bodies are very adaptable to eating red meat
People with blood type O are advised to include plenty of protein in their diet. If this group is only vegetarian, they constantly feel hungry and as a result they start eating snacks, which will cause problems with blood sugar levels and metabolism. These people can eat meat, eggs and fish freely, but they should avoid eating too much bread and dairy products.
An obese person with blood type O loses weight much faster than other people in the group using protein.

In this blood type, the amount of stomach acid is much higher than other groups and the blood of this group is thin. Therefore, bleeding disorders, such as stomach ulcers, diseases such as skin cancer, acute vascular disease, and hypothyroidism are more common. Also, if you eat a lot of red meat, you should be careful about diseases such as gout, high blood pressure and heart disease.
The most likely infection is in this group, but because their immune systems are working well, they recover faster than other blood groups.
Vampire insects, which carry diseases, prefer the blood type O.

The best traits
Inherent leader

The worst traits

Celebrities with blood type O
Al Capone
Gerald Ford
Mikhail Gorbachev
Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Charles
John Lenon
Paul Newman
Elvis Presley
Ronald Reagan

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