About persian traditional medicine

Iranian medicine is one of the medical schools in the world with a history of ten thousand years, which, unlike the traditional label whose suffix is ​​named, like other sciences, is completely in accordance with scientific and experimental principles. In the Iranian School of Medicine, maintaining good health takes precedence over treatment, and the correct principles of lifestyle are presented based on the conditions of each individual in the form of “principles of preserving the essentials or the necessary set”; As Sheikh Al-Ra’is Abu Ali Sina says in the book of Qanun: “It is a scientific medicine through which the condition of the human body is known in terms of what causes health and disease to maintain the existing health and well-being and in case of loss of health. “Bring it back to the body.” Therefore, the first duty of a physician in Iranian medicine is to maintain good health.

Iranian medicine is a holistic school, which means that in order to properly recognize the disease and provide proper treatment, the health of all parts of the body, genetics, living conditions, mental characteristics, age, geography, etc. to find the disturbing factor of balance and Physical balance in the sick person is measured together. In order to treat the disease, in the first stage of lifestyle, especially the nutrition of the person has been corrected, and after modifying the lifestyle, drug treatment and iodine practices such as massage are other principles of treatment in Iranian medicine. Contrary to many people’s claims, pharmacotherapy in this school is very prudent, as Muhammad ibn Zakaria al-Razi says about the method of treatment: Above the compound. ” This means that as long as you can treat the patient by modifying the diet, do not use drugs, and as far as you can treat the patient with simple drugs, do not use combination drugs.

Given the expansion of the use of traditional and complementary medicine services around the world, as well as the interest of different segments of our society to use traditional Iranian medicine and strong historical and cultural support in this field, it seems that the use of Iranian medicine along with modern medicine as Combining is a good way to promote community health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has for many years recognized the various schools of traditional medicine and complementary medicine, and the organization’s strategy for traditional and complementary medicine in the form of two documents for the years 2002-2005 and 2014-2023. Has arranged and published. According to the organization’s document, traditional and complementary medicine are important but less valued areas of health that are more or less present in all countries, and the number of applicants is increasing day by day. Lack of access for a large part of the world’s population (more than 80%) to basic health services and people’s problems in treating chronic diseases and drug complications has led to the Integrative Medicine system, which includes traditional and complementary medicine along with modern medicine. In medical centers, patients are introduced by the World Health Organization as an effective way to use traditional and complementary medicine. Many countries are now realizing the importance and need for integrated medicine perspectives in the medical system of societies and the need for planning to expand it, and the number of integrated medicine training and treatment centers around the world is increasing. In our country, the training and logical promotion of Iranian medicine has started by setting up the Faculty of Iranian Medicine and training physicians and general pharmacists as experts in this field. Play a role in promoting community health.



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